Company culture





To lead the industry by satisfying our customers' needs and our stakeholders' expectations through the delivery of consistent,acceptable profit growth which will be achieved globally by:

  • Being innovative in everything we do;
  • Continuous and consistent development and optimisation of customer and supplier relationships on sound
    levels of service, values, ethics and business principles;
  • The ongoing development of our employees;
  • The continuous enhancement of management and leadership skills; and
  • Remaining conscious of, and committed to, our social responsibility.


The Group's values, upon which the foundation of our cultures and behaviours are built, are outlined below:

  • Honesty and integrity
    Ability to communicate and behave openly without fear, focused on one truth as the only norm, based on
    mutual trust and respect and where the intent of any communication and/or behaviour is unquestionable.
  • Valuing diversity
    Individually and/or collectively understanding, accepting and valuing the different backgrounds, cultures,
    personal preferences and competencies of people.
  • Responsibility and accountability
    Role-defined responsibilities and accountabilities are not only vested in the function, but fundamentally
    also in the person and are not transferable.
  • Urgency
    Urgency in all we do is a non-negotiable value.
  • Performance driven
    The journey to achieve world-class status is impossible without the individual and collective
    commitment of all the people of the Group to own the performance driven value.

Some questions answered
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to the reasons why JD Group
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As an employer of choice we are proud to live by the values that set us along side the best companies in the country.


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